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Day 27: What scene makes you hide behind the sofa?

I will admit that I did I VERY stupid thing when I first watched Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.

I watched it in the DARK. It was like, 3AM. Needless to say, that made it instantly ten times scarier than it was, and by the end of it, I was freaking out. Those two episodes made me paranoid for weeks (I still look at shadows funny).

But anyway, the scene when they are running from the Carnivorous Swam In A Suit…

This one. THIS BIT.

Christ, I was sitting there in my desk chair, trying not to freak out and wake my parents up, with my heart racing about fifty miles an hour. It was honestly the scariest Doctor Who episode for me… and then it became the saddest. ;n;

THIS HAPPENED TO ME FOR BLINK. OH MY HOLY SHIT. At least Graham Norton was on after.

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    THIS HAPPENED TO ME FOR BLINK. OH MY HOLY SHIT. At least Graham Norton was on after.
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    These two eps are my absolute favourites